FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express 6.3

Record your screen activity with just a few clicks

FlashBack Express is more than just a video recording utility. This program also gives you access to a movie player, plenty of useful editing options, and the ability to schedule recordings for later.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface and features a comprehensive help guide. Before using it on your Windows PC you need to register the app. You can do that by entering the license key you get from the developer after entering your email address on the app's homepage. Afterward, you can work with the program to create the quality videos you need.

It might prove to be of good use if you need to record a video tutorial for an app you created, game walkthroughs, video conferences, etc. The program lets you record your entire screen, a certain area from your desktop, from your webcam, etc. You get access to a wide variety of recording options which help you get the exact results you need.

An important advantage is that you can use the utility to schedule video recordings at any given time. Furthermore, the built-in player provides you with multiple editing options which come in handy if you wish to crop the resulted video, annotate your clips, etc.

Unfortunately, the app supports a limited amount of output formats: WMV and FBR (a format compatible only with FlashBack Express). So, popular formats like MOV, MP4 or AVI aren't compatible with the program.

However, you can always check the Pro version of the utility if the aforementioned issue means that much to you.

In my opinion, it's definitely worth giving this app a try.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Comes with a built-in help manual
  • Brings you a video editor
  • Provides you with multiple video recording options
  • Offers you quality output files
  • Immediately exports the results
  • You can schedule recordings


  • The Pro version provides you with more features
  • Supports a small amount of formats
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